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Controversial Decisions in Twinsburg

Not everything we enjoy and take for granted today was popular when it was being considered. 

Here are some examples of some difficult decisions made by our City Government in the past:


The Fitness Center project went to the voters twice and was voted down both times. In ’96 the city decided to go ahead with the project anyway and it opened in ’99.  We now have approximately 7,400 members who enjoy our Fitness Center.


Gleneagles Golf Course never went to the ballot but we had two public hearings and many angry residents at the council meetings.  The ratio of pro's to con's was about the same that we have now regarding the roundabout.


Liberty Park - There was opposition to the purchase of Liberty Park. Some believed the land would be useless because of the gas wells and easements. As city officials were trying to promote the levy to the voters, community members did everything in their power to get the issue to fail….fortunately it passed!


Miktarian Parkway - It took 7 years to get Miktarian Parkway approved.  The resistance of some residents delayed the project by 2 to 3 years adding about 1.5 million dollars to the cost of the project.